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Are You a Purple Person?

I spotted this purple-centric photo in the portfolio of designer Anne Coyle, and I realized how rare the color is in interiors. Purple, as I see it, is not a color that you just use or end up with unintentionally. It's like cilantro: you either love it or you don't. Neutral colors, blues, and greens are more common. My mother is a purple fanatic — purple dining room, purple golf balls, countless purple cashmere sweaters — so, although I'm not a purple person, I never realized how unusual it is in interiors. How about you?

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CanadianAlissa CanadianAlissa 8 years
i adore purple. but in reasonable doses.
marleenguillen marleenguillen 8 years
purple is my FAVORITE color!!!
Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
I love when I see purple used in decor, but for some reason it's not a color that I think of to use in my own spaces.
Ellenora Ellenora 8 years
Purple is my favorite color, particularly smoked-out lavenders or deep purples. My dream bedroom would have thick stripes of smokey lavender (Parlze-vous OPI? anyone? My favorite nail lacquer) and dark purple. I don't have many purple items though. I need to get some.
Dagne Dagne 8 years
I always felt like a freak for hating purple because all of my friends adore the color. I agree that color is mostly absent in interiors so it's refreshing to see, even if it's not my thing.
mslewis mslewis 8 years
I voted that I did not love purple but, actually, I kind of like it in small doses!!! It's not a color I would choose to paint a wall, for instance, but a small table or chair wouldn't be bad. I don't have any purple in my house or wardrobe at the moment but maybe the next time I decorate it will creep in somewhere!!!
Teyocoyani Teyocoyani 8 years
I don't know about the "you either love purple or you don't like cilantro" analogy...Personally, I love the deep, rich purple colors (eggplant, plum, etc.). But please keep the purple "easter egg", lilac colors away!!
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
As for me, no. Purple is a bad color on me. It makes me look sick when I'm not. This is why I do not use this color in my interiors. Similar to my clothing, for my interiors, I pick colors that flatter my skin tone. My interior is my backdrop. The colors have to look good AND flatter me.
soft-coeur soft-coeur 8 years
I'm definitely a big fan of purple. I painted an old, rickety wooden chair a shade darker than the table in the above photo, and it looks great. I paired it with a crisp white cushion from Ikea and use it on my porch. I appreciate purple most as an accent.
Home Home 8 years
I'm with you on the eggplant. I do like deep purple hues.
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 8 years
agree with the almost eggplant colour. there was a casa posting the other day with a gorgeous purple wall..... i can't remember what the post was about though and i can't be bothered looking [how lazy!] lmessing that's what i meant about having to be careful- a purple wall in a bedroom would look fantastic, but imo you'd have to have crisp white sheets and the rest of the room should be fresh!
LMessing LMessing 8 years
The purple in the photo doesn't agree with me at all, but otherwise, yes yes YES to purple! I think a dark purple wall looks great in a bedroom (when the colors in the bedding permit it, obviously) and I'd love a super dark (almost eggplant) purple chenille sectional sofa. I'd have to quit my job in order to have enough time to clean the cat hair off it LOL, but it would be GORGEOUS! ;-)
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 8 years
purple is my favourite colour! in terms of its use in interior decorating you do have to be careful to do it tastefully and not overload :)
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