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An Insider Look at 3 Rising Interior Design Stars

In honor of Rue magazine's third anniversary issue, which spotlights seven rising young interior designers, we sat down with editor in chief Crystal Palecek to discuss what it means to be at the peak of one's design career today. And while we were at it, we selected three of our favorites from the group, along with a shot that illustrates their signature styles, to share with you!

Brian Paquette

The 31-year-old designer, based in Seattle, is known for light, rustic interiors. Below is a shot of the wallpapered dining room in his North Capitol Hill apartment. We love how he uses metallic details — like the pendant and the mirror — as foils for the room's neutral color palette.

Bailey McCarthy

The self-taught 27-year-old decorator owns Houston, TX, design boutique and bedding brand Biscuit Home. Below is a shot of a client's graceful, masculine living room. We are inspired by the eclectic mix of items on the curved bookcase!


Catherine Kwong

The accomplished 33-year-old San Francisco-based interior designer is sought after for her modern, elegant, and glamorous interiors. Below is a shot of the dining room in Kwong's own renovated San Francisco townhouse. We love how she turned her need for wine storage into a design element.

To find out what Crystal had to say about these three designers, keep reading after the jump!

POPSUGAR: What qualities have put these seven interior designers on the map? Why are they the ones to watch?

Crystal Palacek: 
Each of these seven designers is really carving a name and place for themselves in the design world. They've branded their styles, found ways to offer new and innovative services, and end each day with a goal to be better tomorrow.

PS: Do you think there's anything about being young that can give designers an advantage today?

CP: Each of these up-and-comers knows a career won't be handed to them on a silver platter. They've seen how hard their mentors have had to work to achieve success, and they're willing to do that and then some! They also have the benefit of budding careers in the digital age, elevating their brands through blogging and social networking.

PS: What have you learned from watching the careers of these designers?

These designers all are extremely talented, but beyond that, they've figured out what it is they can offer that no one else can. Finding what differentiates you from all of the noise out there is an asset that will always lead to success!

Head over to Rue's site to wish the staff a happy anniversary and see the four other young designers who made the cut!

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