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Zen Cleaning Service in San Francisco, New York

Zen Home's Meticulous, Eco Cleaning Services

New York-based green cleaning company Zen Home recently launched a branch in San Francisco, providing services including cleaning, organization, green living consultations, and eco painting services. The company's New York branch has received praise everywhere from Time Out New York to Daily Candy, and I admit that I've been interested to try the service. So, when Zen Home offered me a complimentary cleaning service, I jumped at the chance.

The company uses nontoxic and eco-friendly cleaning products exclusively, and also includes essential oil aromatherapy in the service, including jasmine, lavender, and lemongrass. Unlike many other cleaning companies, Zen Home uses each individual home's mop and vacuum, to avoid cross-contamination between homes. One fun touch is the service's turn down service, which includes making your bed, misting freshly changed sheets, and leaving an organic chocolate and packet of herbal tea on the pillow.

While I was actually at work while my house was being cleaned, my husband had Monday off, and reported back to me on the service. See what I thought of the service, as well as a few photos of the service's work.


My mother-in-law helped to ease us into our first year of parenthood by gifting us a cleaning service every other week (have I mentioned that I adore my mother-in-law?). In general I think our regular cleaning lady does an amazing job. She scrubs our stove to a shine, gets our stainless steel fridge gleaming, and cleans the nooks and crannies we don't have time to get around to dealing with.

That said, Zen Home went above and beyond in the cleaning department. My husband reported that the cleaning staff was polite, conscientious, and incredibly professional. They weren't fazed by our dog, and they also complimented my hubby's record collection — bottom line, Zen Home definitely knows how to please the clients and make them feel comfortable.

My husband was impressed by the meticulous cleaning the crew did, including wiping down the baseboards, organizing papers and random odds and ends, and grouping like with like, such as arranging the baby's equipment and toys.

I was equally impressed by the service and kept on discovering new, thoughtful touches that set it apart from our regular cleaner. The bottles of shampoo in our shower were straightened and arranged by height. The dish under our orchid was wiped clean of watermarks. The entire house smelled amazing thanks to the aromatherapy. In short, I couldn't have been more pleased. I'd definitely recommend the service to others looking for a green, conscientious, and meticulous cleaning service. Rates start at $35 an hour for the initial cleaning (which is a minimum of four hours), with rates reduced to between $29 and $33 per hour depending on rate of frequency. Learn more about Zen Cleaning in New York and the Bay Area here.

For a few more details, check out the photos below!

Here's a shot of the turn-down service (and my mint-green flannel sheets — it's cold right now). I actually restaged this, because after showing my husband the arrangement, the cleaner moved it to a tall dresser saying, "Ozzie seems like a nice dog, but I wouldn't want her to jump up on the bed and eat the chocolate." Super thoughtful!

Hotel-inspired details, including folding and securing the roll of toilet paper, made it feel as if I was taking a vacation in my own home, and on a Monday night no less!

The sink absolutely gleamed. The entire bathroom looked incredible, and I'm pretty thorough about checking out every corner after a cleaning.

I've never seen the rug in the nursery/guest room look so clean — for some reason this flatweave West Elm rug is incredibly difficult to vacuum well. The curtains in the background were turned out, since each window sill was carefully scrubbed.


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