6 Anthropologie Shopping Tips Straight From an Employee

Nothing quite compares to that one-of-a-kind Anthropologie shopping experience that we all know and love. From all of its wonderfully chic pieces just waiting to fill up your wardrobe to the funky decorative items (we are talking bed frames all the way to trinket trays), this company has successfully created the ultimate collection of lifestyle necessities loved from California all the way to New York and beyond. So, being the full-on Anthro superfans that we are, we decided to go straight to the source. Read on as an Anthro employee offers us six supervaluable insider tidbits sure to make our shopping experience even that much more exciting.

1. Anthropologie Offers Complimentary Home Styling

Not only does Anthropologie offer styling free of charge for your wardrobe, but it also extends the service to home styling. The Anthro employee says, "Customers can make appointments online at anthropologie.com or by calling their local stores." So next time you find yourself trying to decide on the perfect table lamp for your desk, you will know just how to get in touch!

2. It's Worth It to Foster an Employee/Customer Relationship

One of Anthropologie's main objectives is to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for each customer's unique needs and lifestyle. The Anthro employee says, "Stylists treat our customers as they would their friends. It's a fun experience, with lots of shared laughter, and equal amounts of honesty and respect. They love helping our customer curate their world or wardrobe to be its most beautiful and to reflect their personal style."

And while developing a connection with an Anthropologie employee is both enjoyable and helpful for a customer, it also pays off! The employee continues, "Our personal stylists always keep their customers in mind and in the know, reaching out when new styles and products arrive. They also provide tips and tricks for getting the most longevity out of their customers' wardrobes and home decor."

So, to recap, a knowledgeable friend who offers honest styling advice, plus the inside scoop on new arrivals!? This is nothing short of a win-win.

3. Anthropologie Hosts Localized In-Store Events

Depending on where you are in the country, each Anthropologie store will probably have some slight variations. The employee shares that the reason for this is because stores are "highly individualized and tailored to their local communities . . . [the] cadence may differ from one to the other."

When it comes to store events, the same is also true. While each location's event schedule is unique, you can expect to see a mix of book signings, pet adoptions, fashion shows, pop-up markets, registry parties, and plenty of other seasonal events. Whatever your interest may be, your local Anthro store is sure to have it covered!

4. It Pays Off to Be an Anthro Member

As a shopper, how do you find out about all of these fun local events? While in-store signage and email blasts are smart ways to stay in the know, the employee says that the absolute best way to stay ahead of the curve is by becoming an Anthro member. "Many events are designed for Anthro members, so if customers are interested in events, it's a good idea to sign up for the free program. Members will receive invites by email to events in their local store(s). Of course, if customers happen upon an event and there is sufficient space, they'll be invited to join whether or not they're an Anthro member." All you have to do is provide your name, phone number, email, home address, and date of birth.

Plus, not only does a membership keep shoppers in the loop on events and personal styling benefits, but it also gives you a little something extra for your birthday! That's right, the employee shares that Anthropologie offers a special birthday benefit: "15 percent off one purchase during [your] birthday month." Yes, please!

5. Its Sister Shop Is BHLDN — and It Is a Bride's Dream

If you are a bride-to-be and a superfan of Anthropologie, then you are also going to love its sister shop BHLDN! This fab bridal store does an amazing job catering to those going through the wedding planning process. Our insider shares that BHLDN "typically holds two events per year to share new seasonal collections with customers, [which] include wedding fairs (curated experience with popular wedding vendors), sip and sees (two times per year, January and August collections), and DIY events with partner wedding vendors to offer brides the opportunities to create something special." All current and future brides . . . please take note!

6. They Receive New Products Every. Single. Day.

Lastly, Anthropologie is certainly never short on new merch! The employee says, "There is always something new to discover at Anthropologie. We introduce product every day." So whether you stop in once a week, visit once a month, or do the occasional online browse, your experience (and your findings!) will be wonderfully different every single time you shop.