You Can Create Your Own Personal Island With This Water Accessory

You don't need millions of dollars to have your own own island oasis. You can create a personal floating playground with less than two inches of foam using the Aqua Lily Pad ($499). This 6x18-foot floating mat is seriously cool. Plop it down in the middle of a lake, river, or calm ocean cove to create a temporary dock, stand-up paddling vehicle, or ski platform. You and your crew can even throw your bucket of beer and lounge chairs atop the Aqua Lily Pad and let the water lap at your feet while you all tan. The Aqua Lily Pad can hold 1,300 pounds of distributed weight, so there's plenty of room for every member of the family to climb aboard. When it's time to call it a day, you just roll the 30-lb. Aqua Lily Pad up, strap it to your boat or vehicle, and cruise home (tether and storage straps are included when you buy the mat). Check out the Aqua Lily Pad in action in the video and pictures below.

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