Interior Designers Share Their Game-Changing Shopping Secrets

POPSUGAR Photography | Julia Sperling
POPSUGAR Photography | Julia Sperling

When you're a home editor, you become a magnet for decorating inquiries of all sorts, but the most common question I get is about where to shop for blank (pretty much every household decorative item you can imagine). To deviate from my usual list, I turned to another group of professionals: interior design leads at online decorating companies. Laurel & Wolf's Kimberly Winthrop, Havenly's Shelby Girard, and Decorist's Ashley Redmond are part of the new wave of online decorating companies making interior design services more accessible than ever. Since these companies provide clients with online shopping lists to pull their rooms together and they work with any budget, I knew they would have fantastic recommendations. Take a look at their favorite places to shop for rugs, sofas, lighting, art, bedding, throw pillows, and accessories!

Best Places to Buy: Rugs
Laurel & Wolf

Best Places to Buy: Rugs


  • "Variety, variety, variety. I can always find what I need at Wayfair." Kimberly Winthrop, Laurel & Wolf

Caitlin Wilson

  • "We love Caitlin Wilson's use of classic colors blended with playful patterns and are especially drawn to her unexpected color combinations used in her Kismet rug collection." – Shelby Girard, Havenly

E Sale Rugs, Aelfie, and Coco Carpets

  • "E Sale Rugs is a great option for affordable rugs. Peruse the vintage rug section to find just the right one! I also love Aelfie and Coco Carpets." – Ashley Redmond, Decorist

Best Places to Buy: Sofas
Jana Williams Photography

Best Places to Buy: Sofas


  • "Stylish and affordable, CB2's designs are great for younger clients." – Kimberly Winthrop, Laurel & Wolf
  • "Their sofas are beautifully designed and well-priced, and they are one of our personal in-house favorites, even beyond their sofa selection!" – Shelby Girard, Havenly

Interior Define

  • "Interior Define makes custom upholstery approachable and accessible for all, and we love being able to see all of their sofas in 360 degrees! The fabric and leather options are seemingly endless, and not to mention, their sofas are incredibly comfortable." – Shelby Girard, Havenly


  • "Article has a great selection of midcentury sofas." – Ashley Redmond, Decorist

Clad Home

  • "I am obsessed with Clad Home. The prices are great and everything is really customizable." – Ashley Redmond, Decorist

Best Places to Buy: Lighting
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Best Places to Buy: Lighting


  • "For a modern take on traditional designs, Rejuvenation, like the name suggests, brings back the classics in beautiful updated designs." – Kimberly Winthrop, Laurel & Wolf

Lamps Plus

  • "Lamps Plus is a tried-and-true lighting resource with lamps readily available, no matter the design challenge we're trying to conquer." – Shelby Girard, Havenly

Cost Plus World Market

  • "World Market always impresses me with their affordable lighting selection." – Ashley Redmond, Decorist

Cedar & Moss

  • "I love Cedar & Moss for their simple, curated selections that always seem to fit what I am looking for." – Ashley Redmond, Decorist
Best Places to Buy: Art

Best Places to Buy: Art

Artfully Walls + Minted

  • "Artfully Walls and Minted have great, one-of-a-kind pieces. When creating a space, things look more curated and collected rather than all purchased from one store." – Kimberly Winthrop, Laurel & Wolf
  • "Artfully Walls is a great source for well-priced, framed art prints in a variety of sizes, frame options, and styles. Perfect for creating a beautiful gallery wall (without breaking the bank)!" – Shelby Girard, Havenly


  • "We love Society6 for affordable framed prints to create the perfect gallery wall, and it's a great resource for edgy and unexpected artwork." – Shelby Girard, Havenly

Urban Outfitters

  • "Minted, Society6, and Urban Outfitters are all great options for affordable art. They all offer great choices for sizing and you can buy with and without a frame on Society6 and frame it yourself to make the price even more affordable." – Ashley Redmond, Decorist

Best Places to Buy: Bedding
POPSUGAR Photography | Julia Sperling

Best Places to Buy: Bedding

West Elm

  • "Patterned bedding can be tough to find. I always go to first for bedding because they have a wide variety of styles and colors to meet any client need." – Kimberly Winthrop, Laurel & Wolf


  • "Parachute has an incredible selection of bedding basics to transform your bedroom so if feels like you're sleeping in a luxury hotel." – Shelby Girard, Havenly
  • "I am a fan of simple white bedding and I love the quality of the pieces from Parachute. I don’t like bedding to be too fussy, and I think they have the best linen!" – Ashley Redmond, Decorist

Best Places to Buy: Throw Pillows
POPSUGAR Photography | Julia Sperling

Best Places to Buy: Throw Pillows

John Robshaw

  • "Everyone wants their home to look unique, and the pillows by John Robshaw have the look and feel of being handmade." – Kimberly Winthrop, Laurel & Wolf

Willa Skye

  • "When no ordinary throw pillow will do, we turn to Willa Skye. Their limited-edition pillows are the cherry on top of a beautiful design and won't put you over budget!" – Shelby Girard, Havenly

Homegirl Collection

  • "I love Homegirl Collection on Etsy." – Ashley Redmond, Decorist

Susan Connor NY

  • "Susan Connor NY is making some of my favorite pillows right now! " – Ashley Redmond, Decorist

Best Places to Buy: Accessories

Best Places to Buy: Accessories

Jonathan Adler

  • "His quirky pieces in white ceramic are my favorite. The subject matter dials in to a client's personality while the all-white execution elevates the design to be tongue-in-cheek chic." – Kimberly Winthrop, Laurel & Wolf

Jayson Home

  • "Jayson Home features a broad collection of bold accessories that almost feel like they've been curated from years of international travel, but we love that we can shop their collection without even leaving the house." – Shelby Girard, Havenly

High Street Market

  • "As designers, we've styled our fair share of bookcases, coffee tables, entry consoles . . . you name it. High Street Market is great for those finishing touches we need to complete our favorite designs." – Shelby Girard, Havenly

Hesby + Accompany

  • "I love Hesby + Accompany for unexpected and unique accessories." – Ashley Redmond, Decorist