These Black Blooms Prove That Goth and Gardening Do Mix

We are fans of black succulents, but like Kat Von D, we're partial to black blooms as well. While truly black flowers are a marvel of science and rarely happen in nature — remember, most blooms exist to attract pollinators like bees and birds — we've rounded up some lovely dark variations of our favorite flowers to inspire goth gardening. Pull out your shovels; it's time to play in the dirt.

Black Velvet Petunia

The usually vibrant petunia takes a dramatic turn, but these dark petunias are great in borders and look to be truly black.

Jet Black Hollyhock

Supposedly Thomas Jefferson had this flower in his garden.

Black Bearded Iris

The bearded iris comes in many shades of black, and the varieties have poetic names like "all night long" and "raven girl."


This stunning flower is also known as the Christmas rose.

Queen of the Night Tulip

We concede that these tulips are not perfectly black, but they're still stunners.

Black Sunflower

This dark sunflower makes us think of a solar eclipse.

Black Forest Calla Lilly

These deeply hued calla lilies make for exotic, long-lasting bouquets.

Black Pansy

The bright yellow center highlights the dark petals on these petite blooms.

Tacca Bat Flower

This exotic-looking orchid prefers semitropical climates.

Tacca Bat Flower Detail

This is one intricate orchid, so we think it deserves closer look.

Lily Black Jewel

The black lily is a striking perennial for any garden.

Black Poppy

While not exactly black, the abundant dark petals remind us of peonies.