Make a BTS Fan's Holidays Bright With One of These BTS Christmas Ornaments

Nov 4 2020 - 1:14pm

Bring a little bit of BTS to your Christmas tree [1] this year! Etsy is chock-full of homemade ornaments featuring the K-pop supergroup, featuring everything from the BTS logo to the ARMY logo and plenty of other options to show love to your bias. Ahead, shop some of the cutest BTS Christmas ornaments the internet has to offer, and make sure you pick up a couple extra for your closest ARMYs — then everyone's Christmas trees can be decked on in BTS for a totally festive holiday! Bonus: these ornaments are also mostly budget-friendly [2], which makes shopping a little big easier.

Army Christmas Gift

Choose from one of eight ornaments in this collection. The Army Christmas Gift [4] ($13) ornaments have an option for each member or one of the group logo.

Personalized BTS Ornament

Gift your fave ARMY with a Personalized BTS Ornament [5] ($13) that includes the year and their name.

BT21 Glitter Christmas Ornaments

For your BTS-loving friend that already has everything, get them one of these BT21 Glitter Christmas Ornaments [6] ($5) in their fave's BT21 persona.

BTS Christmas Ornaments

These BTS Christmas Ornaments [7] ($13) are delicately decorated with each member of BTS's name, so you can get your bias or just get one of each.

Cooky Christmas Ornament

You can get this in any of the BT21 characters, like the Cooky Christmas Ornament [8] ($14) for Jungkook fans. Bonus: You can get it personalized.

BTS Ornaments

These BTS Ornaments [9] ($10) come in seven different colors so you could easily get one for each member of the group.

KPOP BTS Inspired Christmas Ornaments

These KPOP BTS Inspired Christmas Ornaments [10] ($8) are customizable in a couple ways: You can pick the color, logo, and name. They also include a Spotify code for a song!

BTS Ornament

Pick whatever shape you like in this cute BTS Ornament [11] ($10).

BTS RJ Polymer Clay Ornament

This is another BT21 ornament you can get in a variety of characters. How cute is the BTS RJ Polymer Clay Ornament [12] ($10) for fans of Jin?

BTS Mic-Inspired Christmas Ornaments

You and your friends can show off your love of your favorite BTS member — or all of them ‚ with the BTS Mic-Inspired Christmas Ornaments [13] ($8).

All I Want For Christmas J-Hope BTS Ornament Set

J-Hope fans can outfit their entire tree with an All I Want For Christmas J-Hope BTS Ornament Set [14] ($60).

BTS Ceramic Ornament

This cute BTS Ceramic Ornament [15] ($16) will look perfect on any Christmas tree!

Kpop BTS Ornaments

You can get these Kpop BTS Ornaments [16] ($12) in a variety of shapes and photos to match your bias and your aesthetic.

BTS Christmas Ornaments/Tags

Hang these BTS Christmas Ornaments/Tags [17] ($4) on your tree or use them to mark your gifts for your friends!

BTS Christmas Tree Ornament

The BTS Christmas Tree Ornament [18] ($11) will look perfect on any ARMY's Christmas tree, especially if it's decorated in classic Christmas colors.

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