Motif of the Year: Cacti

Replacing the pineapples and palm trees of last year, cacti are the mother-nature-derived motif of choice for 2017. As evidence, just look to the cactus offerings from Australian brand Sunnylife, which brought us Instagram's ubiquitous swan pool floats. Prepare yourself for the brand's cactus neon lamp, "Cactoss" pool float game, and cactus candles. Cacti have also appeared on the runways, in collections by Jeremy Scott and Kenzo.

After this decade's general obsession with succulents, decorating trends are zeroing in on the cactus. Since cacti can survive in tough conditions, they're also a fitting symbol in these crazy times. We're seeing cactus tattoos, cute cactus gifts, and a resurgence of nemadji pottery and other desert-inspired home decor.

Big in 2017

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