You'll Have a Religious Experience When You See This Church Built From Live Trees

Talk about communing with nature. One New Zealand man married his love of trees and passion for religion in a four-year project, The Tree Church.

Barry Cox is familiar with making trees do his bidding; he makes a living moving adult trees with a company called Tree Locations. In 2011, he was inspired to clear a large swath of his own yard to build his Tree Church. Cox constructed a steel frame and let five carefully chosen tree varieties grow into their proper place.

The Tree Church opened to the public in January and, according to Cox's website, closed for the duration of New Zealand's Winter but will reopen in October. Despite the temporary closure, the Tree Church has proven to be an extremely popular tourist attraction and wedding venue. Cox is delighted with the response.

"I like that the gardener visitors enjoy and appreciate my Tree Church," he said to New Zealand's Stuff. "I find that gardeners and those passionate about trees are generous people who simply want to share and enjoy with like-minded others. Visitors have said that they find the Tree Church relaxing and that their worries disappear. I find that sort of feedback immensely rewarding."

The Tree Church

The Tree Church can seat up to 100 people.

The Tree Church

Five different tree varieties were used in the Tree Church's construction.

The Tree Church

The steel frame around which the trees grow is visible from above.

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