Costco's Selling Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees For Anyone Who Doesn't Have a Green Thumb

Friendly PSA for anyone not blessed with the green thumb, patience, or good memory to keep house plants alive: Costco feels for you and is here to help you get your greenery fix. The megaretailer is selling giant faux fiddle leaf fig trees that essentially require zero effort, save for lugging them out of the store and deciding where in your home to set 'em up. So yeah, they're basically a lazy millennial's dream come true.

Measuring 6.5 feet in height, the trees come in a simple white planter and look pretty darn realistic, with shiny green leaves that perfectly mimic the trendy plant people can't stop Instagramming. Each lifelike tree costs just $170, which is quite the steal, considering the fact that other stores sell similarly sized versions for up to $250. If you want to hop on the ever-popular fiddle leaf fig tree bandwagon without having to remember to water your foliage, head to your local Costco to see if it has this affordable faux option in stock.