Like All of Us, Emily Henderson Is a Fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines

Emily Henderson is quite possibly one of the most charming home and lifestyle bloggers. Her aptitude for styling and decorating is something you don't come by very often, and her friendly, cheeky personality is even rarer. We sat down with Emily to chat about her partnership with IZZE and all things holiday decorating and learned some exciting things along the way. One of them? She's a big fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines's work. "I think they're really good at mixing textures in a neutral color palette," Emily told POPSUGAR. "They do a good job of making sure things still feel textured and layered and have depth, but it's within this safe color palette that people feel comfortable living in." Keep reading to learn some of Emily's best holiday hosting tips and the decor trends she's loving.

POPSUGAR: What's your hack for throwing an easy holiday party?

Emily Henderson: I personally would rather be a partygoer than a party-thrower, so when I throw them it has to be super easy and low maintenance. I set up stations, buy a big vat of chili, and then guests do what they want to do — and I still get to party.

PS: What about easy cocktails?

EH: That's why IZZE is so great. You can make a simple cocktail and all you need is liquor and a garnish. It's not something you necessarily have every day, but it's elevated and it's so easy.

PS: What's an easy way to incorporate pieces you already have into a new and exciting setup?

EH: The idea is, at least decor wise, that you don't have to go out and buy everything brand new. As long as you work in a color palette and you style what you already have within that color palette, it's going to look good together.

PS: Is there a holiday decorating trend that you're already loving for this season?

EH: I'm shocked at how much I'm into Christmas pillows. There's cheesiness, obviously, but then there's really cute ones that are metallic that say "Ho Ho Ho" or "Merry" or cute vintage needlepoint ones.

PS: What are you thinking for your own home this year?

EH: Silver is way back. Not that gold is ever going to be gone, but I would definitely bring silver into your holiday decor. I think we're going to do red and silver, and it's about finding the right tone of green that doesn't feel super mainstream.