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ferm Contest: Hihowareya's Wall

ferm Contest: Hihowareya's Wall

We're running a contest all month long for Dress Your Walls month, this time with the fabulous ferm LIVING, which is giving away a wall's worth of gorgeous wallpaper to one lucky reader. Check out this post to find out how to enter the contest.

Here is the next wall in need of some wallpaper rehabilitation.

To see what Hihowareya has to say about her uncensored kitchen wall, just

She writes:

This is an "uncensored photo" of my kitchen wall (15' x 8') that I'd love to have redone with the Turquoise/Gold Ribbed ferm wallpaper. I use the term "uncensored photo" just as a disclaimer for the mess, since my home is quite cluttered and in need of much repair. I feel like my kitchen is very outdated, and the stains, dents, and tears on the walls as it is now are quite unattractive and could benefit much from the selected simple, subtle, yet also bright print that I selected. I am trying to do a very limited kitchen renovation (limited because of the current budget I have, or rather, lack) to try and increase the value of my home, and I hope that I might have some luck through this contest with winning some beautiful wallpaper to make my kitchen an up-do-date masterpiece! Fingers crossed!

Hihowareya has chosen this ferm LIVING wallpaper for her wall. While the contest will be judged by myself and the lovely Christiana Coop, ferm LIVING’s wallpaper expert, I'd love to hear your comments, too! We'll be posting contest entries for the next several weeks, and will announce the winner on the last day of the month. So join the group, send in your photos, and show us your walls!

Join The Conversation
wingweaver wingweaver 9 years I can say is WOW! If she wins I sure hope you'll be able to see the new wall paper :)
marcella marcella 9 years
Holy shit, Camarogirl67. You are hilarious! I seriously spit out in laughter when I read your post.
Camarogirl67 Camarogirl67 9 years
HEY I didn't know my parents had a second home. Someone call the organization squad.
hihowareya hihowareya 9 years
Oh gosh, it's so nice to get some laughs at least about the clutter and the fix it's I've got to tackle in the upcoming months. It's a nice relief, since I just graduated and I didn't go to college for 5 years to automatically get out to clean my house, sell it, and care for my mom! Though, truth be told, I don't really know what I want to do, so fixing my house and redecorating it is a temporary safe haven I suppose... Oh life! Thanks, Sugars, for being so nice always, you're great.
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 9 years
hope you win the paper^^
AujahAcorn AujahAcorn 9 years
yeah no kidding!!! lookes like my bedroom on occation. good job with not giving a sh*t!!!! the clutter would look great with some nice wall paper!
designergirl designergirl 9 years
Very honest- give her some wallpaper!
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 9 years
Brave woman! You'd never see me posting pics of my clutter. As Dr. Phil says, "You can't change what you don't acknowledge." Go, Hihowareya! :nerdgirl:
Tari007 Tari007 9 years
This room also needs the girls from "How Clean is Your House?" to come in and revamp!
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