Chip and Joanna Gaines Just Helped This Family's Adoption Dreams Come True in the Most Unexpected Way

Austin and Kenzi Reddick wanted nothing more than to become parents — but after extensive fertility treatments and three miscarriages, it seemed that their family was destined to grow through adoption. Unfortunately, domestic adoption was even pricier than IVF treatments. The couple realized they would need to raise $20,000 to afford their dream of having a child.

The creative duo wasted no time in starting up a business to raise the funds. "We realized that we could leverage the coffee mugs I have already been making for some time, as a fundraiser!" Kenzi explains on the Etsy page of their store, Swallows Grace. "100% of the proceeds will go directly to bringing our baby home! Our goal is to make and sell 1,000 coffee mugs to get us to the $20,000 mark!" Working in what would become the baby's nursery, the couple handmade each mug, emblazoning it with a heartwarming, clever, or funny sayings. Their most popular design, however, were their Fixer Upper-themed sippers. They include the hilarious "Joanna Gaines Is My Spirit Animal" and "Did Somebody Say Shiplap?" mugs. Even Chip Gaines was a fan; he shared a picture of himself sipping from from a Swallows Grace mug, and orders went through the roof. Shortly after, the couple posted a picture of themselves on Instagram sitting in a truck bed completely full of orders and announced that they could now afford the adoption in full.

The funds came just in time because later that month, Austin and Kenzi realized their dream, becoming parents when their baby boy, Lane Everett Reddick, was born. "Thank you for helping to fill the holes we have in our hearts. We can't wait for the day that we can tell our child just how much he or she was prayed over & longed for, and just how many cups of coffee it took to bring him or her home to us, forever." Kenzi wrote on Etsy. We couldn't be happier to be coffee drinkers or Fixer Upper fans. You can buy one of their irresistible Fixer Upper mugs on the Swallows Grace Etsy shop and follow their progress as new parents Instagram using the hashtag #bringbabyreddickhome.