18 Times Real Girls Nailed Glamorous Halloween Decor


"Glamorous" isn't often used to describe Halloween decor — but when the two combine, the effect is spookily stylish. We scoured the web to find out how real girls are incorporating their glam style into their Halloween decorating this season. Look through to see the best fashion-forward Halloween looks.

Instagram | sarahcdesigns

A bedazzled pumpkin? Yes, please!

Instagram | houseofcreativedesigns

Gold and pink accents make this vignette a head turner.

Instagram | kristin_ess

We've never met a Mean Girls reference we didn't like.

Instagram | mybellastoria

Pastel pink cobwebs, mercury glass pumpkins; all we can say about this whimsical vignette is "wow."

Instagram | leangirlsclub

Fashion girls everywhere are swooning for this Chanel pumpkin.

Instagram | lux113

Our favorite color combo looks on point for Halloween.

Instagram | hellohollyxoxo

This is how to make Halloween decor blend seamlessly into your home.

Instagram | suzybdesigns_

Martha Stewart would be proud of these colorblock pumpkins.

Instagram | shellespartyplanit

Hand-painted messages make these Halloween decorations feel extra personal.

Instagram | mysoulfulhome

A crystal-on-white monochromatic palette makes this pumpkin both elegant and glamorous.

Instagram | gabrielainez.designs

A little bit of everything comes together in a consistent palette to make this desktop vignette work.

Instagram | sarahreneemaldo

How pretty do the Fall leaves look behind this white peony?

Instagram | notmydish

Mixed and matched Halloween decor looks eclectic and welcoming on this tabletop — and makes us wish we were attending the dinner party!

Instagram | glamorousdesign

A simple yet elegant Halloween display is always glam.

Instagram | alyssamas

Rock 'n' roll pumpkins take center stage on this tabletop.

Instagram | jlwmsbreland

As if the flowers weren't beautiful enough, the silver studs give this pumpkin-turned-vase stylish attitude.