Hogwash Is the Most Versatile Stain Remover Ever, and I'm Obsessed

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When I first moved to Los Angeles, I treated myself to a deluxe, eco-friendly, king-size bed. It was cloud-like perfection, which is why I vividly remember the day Delilah, my 10-pound miniature schnauzer slash "dog-ter," peed in the middle of it. And, if you're picturing a haphazard piddle, think again. Dog urine soaked all the way through my new duvet, organic sheets, and onto the pristine mattress beneath. As much as I didn't want to breathe in fumes from a chemical cleaning product in my sleep, I also didn't want to sleep on a pee-soaked mattress. Enter: SallyeAnder Hogwash! ($9), a housekeeping life-saver.

"Hogwash! is a powerhouse stain remover and gentle hand scrub," Sallie Austin Gonzalez, SallyeAnder President, told POPSUGAR. "It serves a purpose everywhere: your home, garden, car, etc. And it's a secret weapon in the laundry room."

The company started out making sensitive-skin-friendly soaps that are free of chemicals or synthetic ingredients, and Hogwash is made by combining the soap scraps left over from production. Basically, by the graces of the household gods, this nontoxic stain remover was born.

It can be used on anything that can be washed, from our hands, to rugs, to upholstery, to clothing. It contains pieces of cornmeal, which gives it extra scrubbing power for tough stains. Still, it's gentle enough to scrub dog pee out of your mattress without causing damage to the fabric.

Its stain-removing CV includes grass stains, tomato sauce, mustard, grape juice, blood, tar, ink, mildew, dog urine, and even red wine. "My favorite Hogwash! hack? Next time you accidentally spill red wine on your favorite blouse, try it. You won't be disappointed," Gonzalez shared.

If you're like me, you'll want to buy two or more bars: one for the sink, one for the laundry, and, just in case, one to keep on your nightstand.