Amy Sedaris's New TV Show Is the Hilariously Bizarre Homemaking Guide We Needed

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We have to admit it, we're suckers for an informative homemaking TV show, but throw in some ridiculous humor and inappropriate skills, and we are HOOKED. Amy Sedaris's new homemaking how-to show, At Home With Amy Sedaris, does exactly that and so much more, giving fans a lesson in all of the bizarre domestic skills one may need. Yes, including "entertaining your husband's business associates."

The first clip of the show was recently released, starring Amy and her Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt costar Jane Krakowski and a lesson on glue. Who knew there were rules on what type of glue to use? Well, along with glue knowledge, the show will entertain viewers with all the frustrating skills of housekeeping.

The TruTV show description reads: "Amy Sedaris cordially invites you into her home, where she will show off diverse but necessary homemaking skills, from death-bed etiquette, to gutting a fish, to crocheting miniature sweaters for a mice infestation, to entertaining your husband's business associates. As always, Amy will give it her best shot to entertain guests, increase her know-how and her can-do, and attempt to work out personal issues."

It's the raunchy, Martha Stewart-like spoof show we never knew we needed.

According to Deadline, the 10-episode series will premiere on Oct. 24 and features guests like Stephen Colbert (as himself) and Paul Giamatti, Chris Elliott, Rachel Dratch, and Cole Escola in character. The best part of all is that Amy will play different characters, including "a hobo," an "international wine lady," and Patty, who is "every southern woman crammed into one lady."

We can't wait to meet Patty!