You'll Be Inspired by the Classy Way HGTV Star Erin Napier Shut Down Her Haters

HGTV's hit show Home Town has only been on TV for one season, but that's long enough for the trolls to come out of the woodwork. Erin Napier, who costars in the home design show with her husband, Ben Napier, has already had to negotiate the tricky world of social media vitriol and hate email. But while some celebrities are angry or depressed by the trolls, Erin was spurred to action.

Shortly after Home Town's premiere date was released, Erin admitted that the negative reaction she received online from some caused her to deactivate her Facebook account. "Even though there was infinitely more kindness than there was unkindness, it's hard for someone like me, a pleaser, to have no curiosity about what the people on Facebook have to say. It's also hard for someone like me, with a tender heart, to not be affected by it after I do," she wrote in a candid blog post on Laurel Mercantile Co.

"After spending just a few moments scrolling Facebook, with my pulse racing, I quickly realized I was not only not guarding my heart—I was opening the door and inviting trouble (and doubt and self-consciousness and worry) to come inside." Erin went onto say that she cut the social media cord and was enjoying her subsequent freedom. Gotta love a woman who knows herself and can handle a situation with such class. But the haters didn't stop there and Erin didn't either.

During season one she received an email from a fan who said the way Ben touches Erin on the show makes her sick as it reminded her of how men treat women like objects. Instead of firing back at the woman, Erin took to Instagram to share that she felt sad for her. She went on to explain, "being on TV is unnerving for me, and since we met he's always understood. Every time he touches my arm, my back, it's letting me know I'm not alone. He's always right there, and then I'm not nervous anymore." If you weren't impressed by Erin before, it's hard not to be now that we've seen her handle such tricky situations with class and grace.