20 Ingenious Ways to Decorate With Plants Straight From Joanna Gaines

When Joanna Gaines combines two of her favorite things — plants and interior design — the results are astounding. This HGTV star has a knack for creatively sprinkling greenery throughout whatever she's working on, be it a Fixer Upper reno, her own farmhouse, or the displays at Magnolia. Given houseplants can help keep your house cool in the Summer, ward off mosquitoes, and improve air quality, we thought it was worth seeking some inspiration from Joanna on how to incorporate them into our own abode. Check out 20 times we loved how Joanna decorated with plants ahead.

In macrame planters hanging from the laundry rail

As bookends

As a makeshift table runner

Overflowing from vintage seed troughs

Interspersed with books on the shelf

Hanging from the ceiling

Balanced atop pedestals

Covering a nightstand

Abundant and overhead

Across the mantel

Mounted to the wall in a group of three

Overflowing from metal shelves

Mixed in with kitchen accoutrements

Filling a wall sconce

Replacing a light in a ceiling lantern

As an indoor vertical herb garden

Woven through the chandelier

Marking the entryway