6 Expert Tips For Getting Your Kids' Toys Organized — For Good

New Jersey-based professional organizer Christina Giaquinto has seen it all. For years, she's organized clients' homes, and, in doing so, helped bring order and happiness to their lives. In our new series "Take It From a Professional," Christina brings us inside the world of expert organizers. Today, she's sharing her wisdom on how to keep childrens' toys organized — for good.

  1. Pick a Place With Purpose: Christina is a big proponent of children having their own space for toys. Toys shouldn't be all over the house, but rather in one designated room. So pick a space the kids can call their own. And fittingly, non-kids stuff should not be in their toy area.
  2. Get Storage: Whatever your budget, there is a corresponding toy storage solution. From Ikea to the Container Store, there's a storage option for every parent.
  3. Think Like a Designer: You want to create a serene, safe space for kids to play. Sometimes that means painting walls, rearranging furniture, and adding storage pieces. The project may require a little investment of time and money, but the results are worth it.
  4. Categorize: Sort toys by child, by purpose, and by kind. Put the items into their storage space based on these categories.
  5. Bring In Kid-Friendly Decor: Break up your storage schemes with little toy vignettes! Organization doesn't have to be all about order; have some fun, too.
  6. Label: It's a great idea to label everything. Use words on the labels if you can, but for young children, use images. Put a picture of a dinosaur on the outside of a storage box, so little ones know their prehistoric toys go there. When everything has a home, parents won't worry that the money they spent on the organizing project will go to waste.