The 1 Breathtaking Way to Transform Your Wall With Paint

This post originally appeared in Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart | Armando Rafael

One way to dress up a room is to hang art. Another? Transform a plain wall into a gorgeous installation. This subtle ombré technique is actually quite simple (a slightly imperfect flow looks more interesting and organic anyway). Start at the top with the deepest of three graduated shades, finish with the lightest, and blend for a stunning result.

The only tricky part of this project is choosing one color — and its two neighboring shades — that you love. We used Behr, in Stolen Kiss, Cherubic, and Pink Quartz.


Painter's tape
Drop cloth
3 paint rollers and roller covers
Paint in three shades (amount depends on the size of your wall)
3 paint trays
Paint mixing craft sticks
3 paintbrushes


Tape off the wall using painter's tape. Spread the drop cloth on the floor. Fit each roller frame with a cover. Pour each paint into its own tray.


Cover a roller in the lightest color paint and use it to coat the entire wall.


Roll a second roller into the darkest color paint and, using a ladder if needed, add an 18-inch stripe of it at the top of the wall. Use the third roller to add an 18-inch stripe of the middle color paint about an inch below the darkest one.


Working quickly so that the stripes don't dry, add some of the medium color paint to the darkest color paint tray and stir with a craft stick to combine. Use a wet brush to apply the mixed color to the space between the stripes, blurring and blending the colors.


Add some of the lightest color paint to the medium color paint tray and mix to combine. Using a fresh wet brush, apply the mixture below the second stripe, blurring and blending until the stripe fades into the base coat. Continue to add color to adjust the fade and blending with a wet brush until you're happy with the result. Let the paint dry completely.

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Martha Stewart | Armando Rafael