8 Tips That Help You Kick Back When Hosting Out-of-Town Guests

When guests come from out of town the last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen or worrying about washing linens. You can easily prep things so you can kick back and enjoy your time together without getting stressed out. Leave everyone thinking you're a home diva with the following hosting tips.

  1. Load up your fridge: No one needs to know your specialty is microwaved ramen. You can fill your fridge with easy-to-make items, like refrigerated bread dough or cookies, fresh fruits, and the basics for salads. This way you can easily pop something in the oven or quickly prep delicious meals that will wow your guests without slaving away in the kitchen.
  2. Go big on comfort: Toss on the throw pillows, move furniture so seating is more geared for gathering, and layer on the comfy blankets. You want your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed, which will help you kick back too. You can even bake up a quick batch of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls that create a wonderfully welcoming cinnamon scent for guests.
  3. Clean your bathrooms: Since these are the rooms that are given the most all-over use when guests stay in your home, your bathrooms deserve a serious cleaning. Stash extra toilet paper, towels, and cleaning wipes in the cabinet. This way guests have everything they need and you can give the sink, toilet, and shower a quick touch-up in minutes.
  4. Hide your personal stuff: The stack of mail on your desk, that pile of unread cookbooks, the dirty laundry — hide it all. My favorite spot to stash stuff is in a closet. Yes, it's not a long-term solution, but you can pile stuff up in a closet nobody will open and then deal with everything once guests leave. This way you're not constantly picking stuff up while friends are staying.
  5. Create a guest basket: Someone always forgets something when traveling, so save future time spent making trips to the store and fill a basket with mini items, like deodorant, toothpaste, hair spray — you get it. Whatever items aren't used can be saved for the next time people come over. Once guests are settled in their space then leave them be. The space is now theirs so no need to check on making beds or replacing linens.
  6. Make dinner together: You also shouldn't be the sole provider when it comes to meals, so invite your guests to make their famous marinara sauce for a pasta dinner or help prep a salad. Make breakfast a joint effort and pop something quick and easy into the oven while a friend makes coffee, which wakes your house up with welcoming scents. Working together cuts your stress level and time spent in the kitchen.
  7. Figure out a schedule: Dedicate a little time to making a loose schedule for activities and adventures. Be flexible because things can change from day to day, but having a few ideas that you can run by guests when they arrive leaves out worrying about it later. Then you can all enjoy spending time together.
  8. Get out the games: Don't feel like it's always up to you when it comes to entertaining during downtime. Have fun games out in the open for guests with kids to enjoy, books ready for reading, and magazines available for perusing. You might even be able to catch up on a few chapters.

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