The Secret to Telling Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott Apart

While watching an episode of Property Brothers, it's easy to distinguish clean-cut Drew in his professional button-down from hammer-swinging, stubble-covered Jonathan — but when these identical twins were kids, the differences weren't always so obvious. "People would mix us up all the time, even our parents," Jonathan told us in an email interview. Not surprisingly, the jokesters put the confusion to good use pranking people. "For a while Jonathan was parting his hair in the opposite direction as me so people could tell us apart," Drew said. "To mess with our family and friends one of us would come in to the room and then run out and part our hair in the opposite direction and come back to try to confuse everyone."

Telling the brothers apart was even more confusing on the phone, where their voices are virtually indistinguishable. Luckily, the twins' mother came up with a trick to tell them apart. "My Mom would say the way she could tell Drew and I apart was because I use bigger words," Jonathan said.

One area where it's easier to tell the two apart is their bedrooms. In the dreamy Las Vegas house they designed and live in together, their bedrooms are completely distinct. "I like conversation pieces. From my travels I have a volcanic rock idol that was hand-carved," Jonathan explained of the eclectic knickknack collection you'll find in his room." As for Drew, besides the giant closet the fashion-lover designed, he says his room embodies his "rustically modern" aesthetic. "You would see a lot of grey and bit of color pop in along with wood or metal," Drew said, adding that there are "some rustic elements or some traditional patterns mixed in with a more modern design."

While we can only dream of stepping into their personal quarters, we can get up close and personal with their bedroom design through their first-ever bedding collection, a part of their Scott Living Collection. It's composed of six-piece comforter sets, plush cotton towel sets, and cotton sheet sets all priced between $40-$166. Jonathan says he can't get enough of the vibrant, colorful bedding, while Drew loves the diversity of patterns. The collection launches Friday, May 20, at 7 p.m. EDT on QVC and is available on

The Scott Collection
The Scott Collection