Ikea's Most Anticipated — and Most Innovative — Collaboration of the Year Is Finally Here

Perhaps Ikea's mostly hotly anticipated collaboration in recent years has been that with modern Danish design company Hay. Expectations were high, but the just-released Ypperlig collection does not disappoint. The sophisticated mix of refreshingly affordable home pieces demonstrate the collaborator's effectiveness at leveraging Ikea's experience with Hay's creativity to create something new and innovative.

For example, a seemingly simple sleeper sofa delivers a shockingly delightful night sleep by using a spring mattress as the seat, and a sleek "monobloc" armchair is made from a single shot of liquid plastic that takes only 30 seconds. POPSUGAR had a chance to test out this chair, and we were shocked at how light yet sturdy it was. We can also vouch that it is truly comfortable. Then there's Ikea's iconic blue Frakta bag which Hay made over to stylish effect. In short, we can't remember the last time we were this exited about an Ikea collection. Take a closer look ahead.

Sleeper Sofa ($599)

Table ($199)

White Mirror ($20), Green Mirror ($15), and Dark Red Mirror ($13)

Armchair ($69) and Set of 3 Nesting Tables ($59)

Coffee Table ($40)

Shelving Unit ($99 each)

Stationary Set ($10) and LED Table Lamp ($40)

Cushion Cover ($6 each) and Stool ($25)

Brown Vase ($20) and Green Vase ($15)

Dining Armchair ($55)

Candleholder ($4 each)