12 Times GOT's Grey Worm — Ahem, Jacob Anderson's – Lifestyle Was Anything but Militant

We know Jacob Anderson best as a devoted warrior with a (both frustrated and passionate) longing for Daenerys's right-hand woman, Missandei, on Game of Thrones, but off screen, the actor is so much more. Namely, he's also a busy musician who tours under the name Raleigh Ritchie. His playful home life is casual and cool, and his design sense is anything but fussy. See what we mean ahead.

He pairs simple servingware with creatively scavenged meals.

Pop-Tarts and cheesecake for breakfast? Why not as long as you're serving them on a classic white plate, not to mention how cool that vintage fork is.

He gets hilariously creative with Christmas tree toppers.

Unicorn? Check. Spider-Man? Check, check. Skunk dressed as a Wise Man? Check, check, check.

He's next-level organized.

Especially when it comes to packing, something he does often when touring.

Lionel Ritchie beautifies his front door.

And we love it.

He's got an impressive throw pillow collection.

And his sweet little pup is pretty great too.

He favors a cozy, fuzzy rug.

Is it just us or does the purple area rug coordinate with his curtains?

His Christmas tree is straight out of Charlie Brown.

It's scrawny but mighty.

He vacations at smartly styled hotels — and coordinates his wardrobe with them.

How striking is the red, white, and blue color combo?

He keeps his record collection stored in his mother's attic.

Because who doesn't keep some of their favorite childhood items at their parent's house?

His holiday decor includes our favorite thing: twinkle lights.

Beyond the holiday decor, we're really digging his extensive collection of framed photos!

He's not afraid of a little mess, especially in the recording studio.

Think he would notice if we borrowed that awesome modern lamp?

In short, his laid-back style only affirms that we wanna be his friend.

And raid his junk food supply.