Here's the Video of What Really Happened in the Property Brothers Bar Fight

Jonathan Scott, the tool-belt-wearing half of Property Brothers, got mixed up in a scuffle at Dempsey's Public House in Fargo, ND, in the early hours of April 24. And while many reports imply that Jonathan was a perpetrator in the bar fight, the facts (and video footage) tell another story. Authorities seem to agree, having just announced that they will not be filing any charges. The Fargo city attorney told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Upon review of the police report and associated evidence, I found there was not sufficient evidence to establish a violation of either simple assault or disorderly conduct."

So what actually happened? We break down the facts below, and you can take a look for yourself in the bar security footage above. While watching, we couldn't help but notice that the same bouncer seems to be removing another patron via chokehold (to the horror of his female companion) earlier in the video, so perhaps Jonathan fell victim to an overly aggressive bar employee.

  • Jonathan and Drew visit Fargo to be the keynote speakers at the Eco Chic Design Conference.
  • Jonathan visits the local bar Dempsey's Public Ale House.
  • The bar begins clearing people for the 2 a.m. closing time.
  • Jonathan is ushered out of the bar but then returns through the back door.
  • Bouncers rush the bar's back door.
  • A fight allegedly breaks out between patrons.
  • Jonathan happens to get in the middle of the altercation but has nothing to do with it, according to him and a source close to him.
  • A bouncer places Jonathan in a chokehold and removes him from the bar.
  • Jonathan calls 911 at 1:57 a.m. claiming he was assaulted by the bouncer.
  • After investigating, authorities announce that there is not enough evidence to press any charges.