This Summer, Add Staying at Julia Child's French Home to Your Travel List

You can officially start reserving your spot at Julia Child's cottage in Provence, France. The quaint three-bedroom house was purchased by Makenna Johnston in March, and though plans to turn Julia's home into a cooking and yoga retreat isn't happening until next year, don't be disappointed. Foodies can rent the home on Airbnb for a Summer getaway. For $590 a night, you (and five other guests) can experience all the countryside charm and, of course, see where Julia and her husband once lived.

There's even a concierge who lives on the property to manage tours, coordinate private chef services, and drive guests around via an on-site car. According to Airbnb, the earliest time to enjoy a stay is June 13 for five days. After that, there are no available RSVPs until July! Read on to see the charming cottage from all angles, and then book your trip, stat.