Kate Moss's Master Bath Is Inspired by Dusk — and It's Spectacular

Supermodel Kate Moss invited Architectural Digest into her London home for its September issue, revealing that her eclectic interiors are as inimitable as the icon herself. "I love mixing old and new things, all different eras," Kate told the magazine, joking that she went beyond being hands-on with interior designer Katie Grove, becoming a downright control freak.

The pièce de résistance in Kate's abode is from de Gournay, a bespoke wallpaper house that specializes in breathtaking custom hand-painted panels. It designed a brand-new floral pattern called Anemones in Light for Kate's bathroom based on her favorite time of day: dusk. In it, silver-hued flowers, which are said to symbolize luck, are reminiscent of the light reflected by a Summer moon. Beyond the showstopping wallpaper (which is becoming part of de Gournay's permanent collection), the film-noir-style bathroom features a clawfoot tub, a vintage crystal chandelier, embroidered silver drapes, and even a fireplace! It's safe to say the bathroom is more luxurious than most people's entire homes combined.

De Gournay was so taken with the way the wallpaper looked in Kate's bathroom that it reprised it as a variation, creating a daybreak version for her hallway. Kate summarizes the softly psychedelic design as "the feeling of when the sun is just coming up at a [music] festival, and you have that glowy light." Check out her one-of-a-kind home for yourself in the images ahead, then visit Architectural Digest for the full feature.