5 Stars of Laguna Beach and The Hills Who Became Lifestyle Experts

It's been 11 years since Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County wrapped and seven years since Lauren Conrad's life on The Hills came to an end, and so many things have changed for the stars of both series. In addition to numerous stars from Laguna Beach becoming parents over the past few years, the career paths of our favorite reality stars have really changed along the way.

The Laguna Beach alum have gone on to careers in fashion (Trey Phillips always said he wanted to design and now he does, for Vera Wang), marketing (including a BFF firm created by Alex Murrel and Morgan Souders), and acting (aka Stephen Colletti on One Tree Hill).

Some of the Hills stars have continued their reality-star glory, like both Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, who appeared on shows like Celebrity Big Brother. Brody Jenner, on the other hand, has become a DJ, and Audrina Patridge has gone on to design swimwear.

One of the biggest industries, however, that some of your favorites from both Laguna Beach and The Hills have been broken into is the lifestyle and home arena. To see which fierce females (yes, they are all ladies) have made a name for themselves in the lifestyle realm, keep reading — and prepare to be inspired!

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad was the lead character on both Laguna Beach (which is where we fell in love with her, despite her need to wear so many headbands) and The Hills, which followed her life after high school while trying to make it in the fashion industry.

Today, it is safe to say that Lauren (or LC, as we'll forever call her) has made it, but not just as a fashion designer, although she has two clothing lines to her name: LC Lauren Conrad available at Kohl’s and Paper Crown. She has also become one of Hollywood;s leading lifestyle gurus and basically the modern-day Martha Stewart. Yes, we said it, and we're not taking it back.

In addition to designing new collections every season, Lauren runs her website, LaurenConrad.com, which is a lifestyle hub that centers on style, or "primp," dining, decorating, crafts, and more. We are big fans of the "decorate" section, which has all of Lauren's party tips and tricks, plus her epic Halloween costume how-to guide every year.

When she's not crafting herself, Lauren travels all over the world in order to find unique home items to sell for The Little Market, which is a company she cofounded to bring beautiful products that are handmade by female artisans around the world to the masses. The Little Market is a nonprofit and charitable organization that focuses on mostly decor items (think candles, wood serving utensils, and blankets) and is an online fair-trade shop you're going to love — unless you already shop there, in which case you definitely love it.

PS: Lauren pretty much designed and planned every part of her wedding back in 2014, so yes, she is the lifestyle guru to watch!

Lo Bosworth

Of course, Lauren Conrad's BFF (since they were kids and on both reality series) had to follow in her footsteps . . . sort of. Although we will never get over the cute friendship between Lo and Lauren, we are happy to report that the two have become successful on their own, but they do share a passion for lifestyle ventures.

After her time as a reality star, Lo moved to New York City to attend the French Culinary Institute and become a chef, which she did, and again, we are so impressed. Since then, the Laguna Beach native has started a pretty fun blog called The Lo Down, which features everything from cooking and glowing to living and feeling.

In addition to her lifestyle blog, the adorable blond star dishes out advice on a variety of topics with two of her best friends on LadyLovin, which is a podcast that has new episodes every Tuesday on iTunes. If that isn't enough lifestyle and home loving, Lo somehow finds time to run Love Wellness, which is a company she founded focused on helping navigate feminine health issues, with products that "maintain feminine wellness."

Oh, and she documents all of her life ventures, spectacular meals, travel stops, and inside glimpses into her home life on her Instagram, which we've been following since she joined in on the social media craze, obviously!

Whitney Port

Whitney Port joined Lauren Conrad and company when she became an intern at Teen Vogue alongside Lauren on The Hills. She later went on to star on her own reality series, The City, which was a spinoff of The Hills, but located in New York.

Most fans of Whitney know her for her fashion career — she is a designer — but what you might not know is that the blond star has two main home/lifestyle successes to her name, and that's not including her overall lifestyle blog called Whitney Port.

The 32-year-old former reality star has always been in the know about all things lifestyle thanks to her blog, which features entertaining tips and mom-life struggles, but once she launched Whitney Port For Cheeky Home (sold exclusively at Target), she landed full-on guru status (at least, in our minds). With her two collections for Cheeky Home, which works with Feeding America and No Kid Hungry to donate money and end hunger, Whitney designed cheeky (get it?) paper goods like her palm leaves plates and lemon cups, and we still have some sitting at home for our next outdoor bash.

To keep Whitney even busier, the designer also cofounded Bloom2Bloom, which is a flower-delivery company that prides itself on working with US farms to get fresh flowers to your door between 24 and 48 hours after they are picked. Oh, and with every purchase, Bloom2Bloom gives back to Wish Upon a Teen (which designs hospital rooms for sick patients). Pretty neat, right?

Kristin Cavallari

OK, so Kristin Cavallari might not be the first person you think about when you think lifestyle guru, but she's actually more involved in this area than you'd expect. Sure, the mother of three is better known for her jewelry line (Uncommon James) and her shoe collection — as well as how she pronounces "Steeee-vennnn" — but she has been dabbling in lifestyle more and more these days.

When she was on both Laguna Beach and The Hills, Kristin might've been known as the bad girl that everyone somehow still loved (that Kristin, Stephen, and Lauren love triangle will never stop playing in our minds), but in reality, she's all about working hard, eating clean, and being a career mom.

In addition to her fashion career and life as an on-air host for E! News's award show coverage, Kristin has become an author (of Balancing in Heels). Her second book, True Roots, is due in 2018, and it's a cookbook about "mindful eating" without gluten, sugars, and dairy, which will take the reality star into the home and lifestyle realm in a bigger way.

Plus, in 2016, Kristin was a spokesperson for Young Living, a brand that focuses on organic essential oils and blends (and she did a beauty collaboration with them), after promoting clean living with her eating habits and household in general, talking about her love for their essentials oils and how to clean your home without harsh chemicals to numerous magazines.

Next, we're hoping for a complete home decor book, assuming Kristin wants to write a third book, because now that the Colorado girl, who moved to Laguna Beach and then Chicago (for her husband's career as the quarterback for the Chicago Bears), is in Nashville, we need to see that house!

Taylor Cole

For those of you who don't remember, Taylor Cole was one of the main characters on season two of Laguna Beach. She was best friends with Alex M. (Alex Murrel), and both Kristin Cavallari and Jessica Smith were not really fans of this BFF duo. Since her time on the series, however, it seems like Taylor has focused on all things love and happiness by becoming a professional photographer. You can't live within the Laguna Beach High School drama bubble forever, after all.

Taylor still lives in California (and also works in Arizona) and focuses all of her energy on gorgeous pictures. While her specialty is wedding shoots and family sessions (which are adorable, by the way), Taylor has a side passion for shooting both interiors and exteriors of homes — in addition to featuring great scenic shots and set-up photos at weddings.

In fact, in 2017, the former reality star revealed that she would be focusing a lot on interiors, saying, "Interiors are my second love. Capturing love is first, but there is something about shooting interior & garden design that makes my photog heart go ❤."

So if you ever need a photographer or want both home and wedding inspiration, Taylor's Instagram is the first place you should look!