15 Times Maisie Williams's Interior Design Style Slayed As Hard as Arya Stark

Watch one episode of Game of Thrones, and it's clear that Maisie Williams can kick butt. But what is the actress doing when she's not paying Arya Stark? For one, she's living a seriously stylish – and refreshingly normal – lifestyle. From her cozy yet compact bedroom to her love of elegant breakfastware, we're smitten with Maise's real life interior design style. And we think you will be too. See for yourself, ahead.

Geometric Plates

This actress keeps breakfast spicy with playful patterned plates – and a healthy home-cooked meal.

Cozy Pink and Beach Bedroom

Working from bed is fun when you have a soft blanket and diaphanous curtains surrounding you. Maisie's cute dog doesn't hurt either.

Backyard Fish Pond

Maisie puts her man to work in the backyard, feeding the fish in the beautiful pond.

Floral Accessory Box

If you can look past Maisie's cool AF hairstyle, you'll spot a charming floral accessory box in the background. We're a sucker for pretty storage.

Succulent in a Tin Planter

An Emmy nomination doesn't diminish the small pleasure in life, like a baby cacti.

Ornate Bathroom

Maisie made it clear she appreciates the luxurious gold details in this swanky hotel bathroom.

Classic White Dishware

Nothing compliments breakfast al fresco like timeless white dishware. And don't get us started on the stunning metalwork on the balcony!

Rolling Clothing Rack

With so many red carpet events, Maisie's wardrobe is overflowing. And the easiest (and most cost-effective) way to store all those fashion options is a rolling clothing rack.

Striped Picnic Blanket

Maisie and her beau make the most of their outdoor time by picnicking on a stylish striped blanket topped with a beautiful handwoven basket.

White Shelving and Closets

Maisie maximizes her storage bedroom with built in shelving featuring handy cubbies and a convenient closet.

Bold Yellow Kitchen

Proof a small kitchen can have big style.

Small Bedroom

GOT Stars: they're just like us. Maisie's still living a down-to-earth lifestyle in her tiny bedroom.

Modest Brooklyn Digs

Five star hotels are nice, but there's something warm and welcoming about a cozy city apartment.

Simple Midcentury Table and Chairs

This minimal, on-trend dining set is reminiscent of our schooldays, and we're loving the throwback style.

Wooden Fruit Bowl

Even an adorable small breakfast table can be enhanced with thoughtful touches like a wooden fruit bowl. It looks lovely empty or filled with colorful fruit.