Will & Grace Star Megan Mullallay's Real-Life Home Rivals Anything Grace Decorated

Will & Grace is coming back to TV in September, which begs the question of how we ever survived without Karen for all these years. While we were left with no choice but to watch repeats, actress Meghan Mullallay was feathering the stylish contemporary nest she shares with her hubby, Parks and Rec star Nick Offerman. See how this hilarious duo has fun decorating and hanging out in their home ahead.

Olive Green Palette

From the sofa to the walls, the soothing green accents in this funny couple's apartment are giving us mellow vibes. Nick's water-bottle tantrum excluded, of course.

Prayer Candles

Who wouldn't get a laugh out of seeing their husband canonized on a prayer candle?

Modern Fireplace

There's browsing art, and then there's imitating it. These two have nailed the latter. And then there's that flawless modern fireplace behind them.

Floral Wallpaper

This cheery aqua print is sooo not your grandmother's wallpaper.

Vintage Record Player

We love the look of this classic wood record player almost as much as we want to dig into that record collection.

Cute-Meets-Zen Vibes

A puppy, a jigsaw puzzle, and an airy, white room complete with a Buddha statue. We'd say this couple has mastered the oh-so-California art of mixing cute and zen vibes.

Woven Laundry Basket

We love storing our dirty laundry in a hamper with stylish flair . . . and Meghan loves storing herself in one!

Rich Furnishings

The hopping fella in the forefront is entertaining, but the carved dresser, ornate frame, and rich draperies are nothing to laugh at.

Personalized Art

This couple takes the self-portrait to the next level with this hilarious statue in Nick's likeness.

Hot-Pink Persian Rug

Who doesn't love an area rug in a bold magenta? And who doesn't LOL at Nick and Meghan re-creating this work of art?

Want more Meghan? Tune in to the Will & Grace reboot when it premieres this Fall.