Watch These Regular People Transform Into the Mermaids of Our Dreams

Crafty AF is back at it again, and we're here for it. If you somehow haven't seen our new Facebook Watch series, here's the scoop: Crafty AF combines artistry with amusing absurdities as we witness skilled contestants finding themselves in hysterical situations.

We're taking our latest episode under the sea as our body-painting gurus go to battle to see who can create the most magical mermaids. The expertise of our savvy contestants shines through in episode five as they transform regular people into mystical creatures in an intense two hours. Prepare to watch the fins fly as our body artists attempt to produce their best work yet — with vibrating exercise machines and snorkels thrown into the mix!

We love hearing your feedback, so let us know who your fave challenger is! Between Hector, a skilled special effects makeup artist, and Karina, a body-painting veteran, we can guarantee that this episode will be a must watch. Check out episode five of Crafty AF and follow Crafty AF on Facebook to keep up with our weekly episodes!