Can You Find the 1 Major Problem With This House?

We're not saying building a house is an easy task, but whoever built this home in North Carolina is getting a LOT of heat for messing up one of the most essential parts of a house! Earlier this year, a photo of "the most poorly designed house in America" went viral on Reddit and it keeps coming back to haunt us. Do you see what's wrong with this house? It may look pretty normal, but if you zoom in a little closer you'll see that the driveway is not anywhere near the garage, defeating the whole purpose of a garage!

As expected, the Reddit thread is flooded with hilarious comments trying to figure out why anyone would design the home like this, but there's actually one theory that makes a tiny bit of sense — this is a model home in the neighborhood. "The driveway as shown in this picture acts as parking lot for patrons and sales employees and the garage acts as the sales office," one user wrote. "Once the neighborhood is sold out they will sell the model and reconfigure the house to the 'correct' way." Hmmm . . . but if you're scratching your head in disbelief with that statement, you are not alone. Some users are simply hoping the owner only drives motorcycles. What do you think about this mysterious home design?