Kat Von D's House Is Creepier Than Halloween — and That's the Way She Likes It

Kat Von D is known for her unique sense of style, from her dark fashion sense to her must-have makeup palettes to her masterful freehand tattoos, and her interior design is no exception. The LA Ink star purchased a sprawling Victorian last year. She's wasted no time bringing it back to its previous glory and, in the process, added oodles of gothic furniture and eerie macabre accents. We don't know whether to applaud or hide. See for yourself ahead.

Gothic Tablescape

If you can tear your eyes away from the table decor and dramatic painting, check out that amazing wallpaper!

Hidden Skulls

A macabre surprise is waiting among the garden greenery.

Red Tufted Settee

Kat's hairless kitties are a striking addition to her antique chaise.

Crystal Mother Mary Sculpture

We're guessing Kat is a believer in the power of crystals!

Dark and Moody Oil Painting

This piece of fine art is truly haunting.

Taxidermy Deer

Two deer and one sneaky hairless cat complete this vignette.

Red and Gold Color Scheme

From the knitted blanket to the furniture, Kat stays true to her palette.

Picture of Her 1890 Queen Anne Victorian Home

Kat celebrates the history of her historic and famous (it was used in the movie Cheaper by the Dozen) Los Angeles home with this picture of the abode in its glory days.

Next-Level Living Room

We love all the layers of candles — but the layers of melted magenta ones might be our favorite.

Turrets and Ironwork Galore

Forget the rainbow, look at all the details on the outside of her house!

Otherworldly Black Garden

Kat has grown a truly enviable — and truly dark — flower garden complete with all types of black flora and fauna.

Ornate Wooden Chair

This kitty has its own throne.

Crazy Octopus Light

Um, this light is AWESOME.

Antique Musical Instruments Galore

The talented tattoo-artist-slash-musician is serious about practicing on all types of antique string and percussion instruments.

Black Yard Sculptures

We wonder if Kat purchased the bust statue and birdbath in black or DIYed the dark hue herself; either way, they're the perfect addition to her black garden.