Drake's New Music Video Is One Big House Tour, and I'm Shook at How Posh It Is

Apr 3 2020 - 9:50am

Drake's newest music video [1] just so happens to double as an episode of MTV Cribs, so get ready for a major case of house envy. In his recently released music video for "Toosie Roll," [2] the rapper brings fans inside his lavish Toronto mansion, which he's slowly but surely been perfecting since nabbing the expansive property back in 2016. The not-so-humble abode is just as luxurious as you'd expect, featuring artsy chandeliers galore, an entire room of glass trophy cases for Drake's various accolades [3], and a marble kitchen island large enough to qualify as an actual zip-code-worthy island. Take a closer look inside (and outside) Drizzy's posh digs, which I screenshot for your convenience, ahead.

Watch Drake's "Toosie Slide" Music Video

The Video's Opening Shot Shows Drake's Collection of Trophy Cases

Oh Hey, Grammys

Peep Those Shiny MTV VMA Trophies

He Has Kobe Bryant Jerseys on This Table — and an Airplane Statue in the Corner

This Spiky Chandelier Is Too Cool

Obsessed With His Marble Floors and Those Quirky Statues in the Corners

This Appears to Be Some Sort of Fancy Bar Area

His Piano Is Prettier Than Me, and I'm Totally OK With That

His Kitchen Is a Gorgeous Marble Masterpiece to Behold

One Side of the Dinner Table Has a Long Bench Topped With Cozy Velvet Pillows

I Need to Know What Snacks He's Hiding in All Those Drawers in the Background

Aaand Here's That Zip-Code-Worthy Marble Island

His Nothing Was the Same Album Cover Decorates the Wall of This Blue Room

My Gosh, This Pool Is Majestic

I'm Not Even Sure What's Happening Here, but I'm Into It

Plush Couches Line the Outside of the Pool

He Showed Off the Outside of His Mansion With a Little Help From Some Fireworks

I Meaaaaaan . . . Wow

And Here's an Aerial Shot, in Case Your House Envy Wasn't Already Maxed Out

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