You're Gonna Need to Calm Down After Taking a Look Inside Taylor Swift's Former LA House

Taylor Swift might be one of the biggest stars in the world, but one of her most endearing traits (and what a lot of fans love most about her) is her "girl next door" quality. Despite her hit albums and massive success, she still talks to fans on social media, geeks out over her favorite celebrities, and basically is still so relatable. She seems like she could be your friend or next door neighbor, right? Well, while the friend thing seems pretty realistic, she definitely wouldn't be your neighbor . . . unless you're super rich. Why? Because Taylor's real estate portfolio is insanely impressive (and expensive), and that includes the LA mansion that she recently sold for $4 million.

Taylor has become notoriously private over the last few years, taking a long break from social media and only giving fans tiny glimpses of her homes (usually in the form of cat videos), but in 2016, she actually welcomed Vogue into her West Coast abode to take part in their infamous 73 questions video. She gave a partial tour of her gorgeous Beverly Hills pad, which she purchased in 2011, and despite the fact that she doesn't live there anymore, it still gives us a huge look into her world and personal taste. Like, for example, how despite the massive price tag and large square footage (almost 3,000), the home itself feels cozy and welcoming, much like Taylor herself. Even though she no longer owns it, you'll definitely still want to take a look inside, so keep scrolling.

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Taylor Swift's 73 Questions Vogue Video

And Now Let's Start the Tour!

And Now Let's Start the Tour!

Taylor's entryway was quaint and cozy, much like an English cottage.

To the right of the entryway was Taylor's song writing room, housing her piano and one of her many guitars.

Although you don't get to see the upstairs, Taylor's white staircase and perfectly lined gallery wall are decor goals.

Taylor's dining room housed a stunning chandelier, which we're hoping she took with her when she moved!

The singer had a Scrabble game on her dining room table, so where's our invite?

This little nook in her kitchen was probably perfect for curling up on with a good book.

If we lived here, we'd probably spend all of our time in this gorgeous kitchen (minus the MTV Moonman award on the counter).

Taylor's kitchen island had the coolest water spout.

Her farmhouse-style decor is right up our alley.

Taylor had plenty of comfortable seating in her cute backyard.

OK, we love the idea of a chandelier on a back porch!

It's no secret that Taylor loves cats, so these cat statues are entirely fitting.

According to Taylor, her fireplace was the coolest part of her family room, and we have to agree!

Taylor's family room was so cozy and inviting.