These Trendy Halloween Bowls Are Causing a Shopping Frenzy

If you're active on Instagram or Pinterest, you've likely seen the white, farmhouse-friendly pottery featuring handwritten font that is popping up on everyone's feed. The artist Rae Dunn is the creator behind the popular housewares, which are sold nationwide. While stores like T.J. Maxx are treasure troves for finding Rae Dunn mugs at affordable prices, there's a certain category of Rae Dunn pottery that is in particularly high demand: Hocus Pocus themed nesting bowls. A simple Google search will unearth a variety of eBay listings that offer the two-bowl set for as high as $341. While it might be harder to find these bowls at a local discount store, you never know. In fact, one Instagram user just shared her lucky T.J. Maxx score on social! Take a peek at the famous nesting bowls and more Rae Dunn goodies we're on the hunt for.

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