Why Stock Tank Bathtubs Are the Next Big Budget-Friendly Trend

If you think stock tank pools are a game changer, wait until you get a glimpse of these stock tank bathtubs. Originally intended to provide fresh drinking water for livestock, people are giving new purpose to the steel tanks by incorporating them into their homes as bathtubs. Not only is it inexpensive — stock tanks can hold up to 700 gallons of water for less than $400 — but it's also a creative way to personalize your bathroom and give it a farmhouse feel without breaking your budget.

If you're not a fan of the metallic finish, look no further than the gorgeous soaking tubs at the South African hotel Babylonstoren. The farmhouse-inspired steel bathtubs feature a white matte finish, which helps elevate the steel look for a more modern feel. The best part is you can DIY your stock tank with a can of white or black paint and, voilà, you'll have your own sophisticated yet cost-effective version. Read on to get design inspiration from people who are already using stock tank tubs in their own abodes.

Agape Design offers a modern take on stock tank bathtubs, as seen ahead.

Agape Design