Stock Tank Pools Are the Coolest Backyard Trend of Summer

As the temperature increases, so do our daydreams about stepping out our back door and slipping into the cool, refreshing water of a pool. But when we look at the cost to install a backyard pool — tens of thousands of dollars, gulp — reality snaps us awake. Luckily, there's an ingenious new trend taking over Instagram that can turn that pool fantasy into a reality, even for those on tight budgets: stock tank pools.

These galvanized steel tanks were originally intended to provide drinking water for livestock, but they can be used for so much more! People started turning these stock tank pools into mini swimming pools for their families to enjoy all Summer and through Winter when heated as hot tubs. Considering that these stock tank pools can hold up to 700 gallons of water while costing less than $400, it's easy to see how this ingenious idea is growing — and capturing the attention of social media.

So what does it take to create a stock tank pool of your own? Not much! Tractor Supply Company explains that whether you're leaving the pool above ground or digging out an in-ground home for it, you should always start with a solid and smooth level base. It recommends sand or granite for a foundation. Then it's time to thoroughly clean and install the stock tank pool. Once it's in place, you should add a small pump, filter, and some tubing to keep the water moving and fresh. You can hang these over the side of the pool for simplicity's sake or drill a hole in the tank for a more pro-looking install — but you'll have to seal the seams up afterward if you go this route.

Once this is done, you can fill up your pool and get to swimming! Tractor Supply Company recommends adding some chlorine or bleach on a regular basis to kill germs and algae. To really impress the neighbors, you can landscape around your new pool, adding a patio or deck to create a true backyard oasis. Then, all that's left to do is enjoy and find a new way to spend all that money you saved. Oh yeah, and showing off your savvy swimming hole by posting a pic to Instagram with #stockpooltank isn't a bad idea either!