31 Lavish Reasons We Want to Move Into a Tiny Home

Tiny homes might just be the cutest fad to ever hit the housing market, but did you ever realize how luxurious they can also be? That's right, the latest home trend has now been fused with the best of the best in home decor and renovations, making smaller spaces just as lush and lavish as any typical-sized home on the block. Read on to get a closer look at why these miniabodes are quickly becoming our future dream homes.


High Ceilings

High ceilings create additional space and comfort in a tiny home.


Designer Cabinetry

You don't have to forgo beautiful cabinet design in smaller homes.


Booth-Style Dining

Enjoying your meals at a booth-style table will be both cozy and relaxing.


Spacious Bathrooms

Have no problem performing your normal morning routines in this smartly designed tiny home bathroom layout.


Cozy Reading Nooks

Curl up with your favorite book in a reading nook, accented with decorative pillows and a gorgeous open window.


Gorgeous Master Bedroom Backdrops

Maintain a chic bedroom design with a gorgeous bedroom backdrop.


Farmhouse Sinks

Have the kitchen of your dreams in a tiny home, complete with a stylish farmhouse sink.


Ample Outdoor Living Space

Connect to nature with an easily assembled set of outdoor furniture.


Tons of Natural Light

Tiny homes may mean smaller spaces, but you can still be sure to soak in tons of natural light with large side windows.


French Doors

Add some European flair with a beautiful set of French doors leading into your kitchen area.


Gas Stovetops

No electric burners here! Enjoy the luxuries of a gas stovetop when cooking all of your meals.


Swanky Decor Accents

Keep your tiny living space chic with plenty of decor accents, like intricate candle stands and faux floral arrangements.


Rustic Ceiling Beams

Jazz up your ceiling and add some depth with rustic beams.


Hidden Dishwashers

Save on space with a hidden dishwasher custom built right into your cabinetry.


Exterior Sconces

Lighten up your entrance with beautiful exterior sconces, both functional and eye-pleasing.


Plush Bedding

No need to sacrifice comfort with plush and spacious bedding for your tiny home master bedroom.



Expose natural rays with skylights, which will both brighten your space as well as open it up a bit.



Class it up with an elegant chandelier display in the center of your tiny home.


Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances will sharpen the overall look of your tiny kitchen.


Light and Airy Ambiance

Tiny homes don't mean small and suffocated. Keep things light and airy with neutral wall colors and large windows.


Wood Flooring

Luxury tiny homes spare no expense, including gorgeous hardwood floors.


Above-Counter Sinks

Attractive above-counter sinks are just another option you can incorporate in a tiny house.


Claw-Foot Bathtubs

Delight in a claw-foot tub, perfect for all of the bath-lovers out there.


Rustic Shelving

Rustic shelving will help to keep your kitchen trendy, as well as add tons of additional storage space for all of those kitchen necessities.


Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a great way to elevate your kitchen space, even in a tiny home.


Cozy Fireplaces

Staying warm and cozy in your tiny home won't be a problem with a superbly placed fireplace.


Pull-Out Sprayer Faucets

Dirty dishes will be a lot easier to maintain with a fancy pull-out sprayer faucet.


Top-of-the-Line Laundry Machines

You can still stay on top of your laundry game with the best machines, ideal for snug corner spaces.


Outdoor Window Boxes

Adorn your exterior space with adorable flowerpots displaying floral pops of color.