This Company Delivers Mini Citrus Trees to Your Doorstep, So We'll Take 1 of Each

May 7 2020 - 1:10pm

If you're a lover of all things citrus — oranges, limes, lemons — then try to contain your excitement. Via Citrus is selling adorable potted citrus trees that can be delivered to your doorstep [1], and they come bearing fruit! Whether you enjoy the sweet taste of Meyer lemon in your water [2], baking a delicious key-lime pie [3], or squeezing a calamondin (a hybrid between a mandarin orange and kumquat) into your beverages, these trees provide all the goods. Not to mention they can live outdoors in the summer, so your patio can even enjoy their fresh look! Just check to see if Via Citrus ships to your state, and you're good to grow [4] — you can even snag some potting soil, fertilizer, and a grow light if you're nervous! Ahead, find the beginnings to your personal citrus farm, and get ready for basket loads of fresh fruit.

Meyer Lemon

If you've always dreamed of having a lemon tree, now's your chance! This Meyer Lemon [6] ($65) grows a smaller lemon that's a bit sweeter and less tangy than a regular one and is great for cooking.

Key Lime Tree

Place the Key Lime Tree [7] ($65) in your home, and whip up a few (dozen) batches of key lime pie! The tree's fruit grows year-round, so you'll have plenty to use up.

Calamondin Tree

The fruit on the Calamondin Tree [8] ($65) reminds us of the familiar Cuties mandarin oranges you can buy at the grocery store, except these are calamondins — a cross between mandarin oranges and kumquats.

Citrus Potting Soil

This Citrus Potting Soil [9] ($15) comes straight from the farm, so you know it's quality.

Citrus Fertilizer

The Citrus Fertilizer [10] ($10) comes with two packages of fertilizer that will last a year when used correctly.

Citrus Grow Light

If you're a serious grower, this Citrus Grow Light [11] ($199) will ensure your tree stays healthy year-round.

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