10 Fascinating Facts About Flip or Flop Atlanta Stars Ken and Anita

We were thrilled by the news that HGTV was launching an Atlanta version of their addictive Flip or Flop franchise, so when we got the chance to interview show stars Ken and Anita Corsini, we jumped at it. Here's everything POPSUGAR learned from chatting with these adorable real estate pros.

They met junior year at the University of Georgia.

"We met through one of his roommates," Anita explained to us. And the rest is history!

They've been married 17 years.

After two years of dating and 17 years married, this couple is pushing nearly two decades of togetherness.

They have three kids.

The couple has two adorable daughters and a son who looks just like his dad.

Ken had a job in corporate insurance before making the switch to real estate.

"I just really wanted to be in real estate," Ken told us. "I loved real estate. I was listening to educational CDs on my way back and forth to work. And then five years into a corporate job, I decided, OK, it's now or never. I quit my day job and started the business."

Anita quit her job as a teacher a year later to join him.

The HGTV star said bye-bye to high school math and hello to real estate! She's now had her real estate license for 12 years, and she and Ken couldn't love their current profession any more.

They started flipping houses right as the economy crashed, but say it actually worked to their advantage.

The Corsinis got into the real estate business at a time when most were going out of business. But they say that since they didn't have much experience before the crash, they only knew how to succeed in tough conditions. Plus, Anita points out, "all of the sudden, we found ourselves in a market where there's just cheap houses everywhere." Ken adds, "The volume of houses that were available, it was ridiculous. And the prices that you could get them at was even crazier."

They not only flip houses, but run their own real estate agency called Red Barn Homes.

When they're not filming for HGTV, Ken and Anita are running Red Barn Homes. They've sold more than 600 houses in the metro Atlanta area since opening their doors in 2005.

The show was originally going to be called Flipping the South.

When the Corsinis filmed their HGTV pilot, it was for Flipping the South. When it came time to film the series, however, it was decided that they would be part of the Flip or Flop franchise.

They're longtime fans of the Flip or Flop franchise.

"It's amazing to have been a fan of the show, and now all of the sudden we're in the same franchise," says Anita. Ken adds that he loves to watch the other Flip or Flop series because "it's what we do, day in and day out, so it's always fascinating to see how it's different in every market."

Anita is originally from North Carolina and Ken is a transplant from California.

According to HGTV.com, Anita's family moved from Raleigh, NC, to Texas before settling in Georgia. Meanwhile, Ken lived in in San Jose, CA, until he was in grade school.