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Curly Hair Problems | Latina

15 Things That Will Make Sense If You Are a Latina With Curly Hair

Curly Hair Problems | Latina
Image Source: Everett

If you have naturally curly hair, you likely grew up just like me: People (ahem, your tías, perhaps) were constantly offering unsolicited advice on how to make it "less puffy." You spent half your allowance (and now paycheck) on styling products to keep it under control and even occasionally broke a hairbrush or two, immediately entering a state of frustration no straight-haired woman could ever understand.

Growing up, I hated my curls. But then I learned how to properly style them, and that was it; I never looked back. Don't get me wrong, the struggle is still very real most days, but sometimes there's nothing left to do but laugh. Read on for 15 common struggles we're sure you can relate to if your hair is curly.

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