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Eva Mendes Eats Pizza in Holiday Sweater

This Photo Proves What You've Known All Along: Eva Mendes Is a Girl After Your Own Heart

Sure, Eva Mendes dates Ryan Gosling, but aside from that she seems like a pretty normal girl. She loves Disney, just like most of us, can't get enough of her loud Latin family, and even enjoys a good bargain. We already knew she was basically us (the only difference being the superhunky man by her side), but today we got final and official confirmation, thanks to the Instagram photo above.

In the snap, Eva is not only happily eating pizza (do you see the delight in her eyes?), but wearing a cozy holiday sweater. To top it all off, her caption was so perfect: "Loving this reindeer sweater from @nyandcompany for the holidays. Loving pizza for always." Us too, Eva, us too!

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