Feast Your Eyes on This Insane Portrait of Frida Kahlo Made From 4,587 Chiclets

Jul 27 2017 - 6:30am

Frida Kahlo's legacy will live on forever [1], and one artist paid tribute to her with an insane portrait made out of colorful Chiclets — yes, you read that right, it's made out of your favorite childhood gum.

Vivala first reported on Chicano artist [2] Ruben Dario Villa and the work of art he created with 4,587 pieces of the candy-coated gum. "Such an amazing experience to have people trip out on your work and genuinely care about the method, time and inspiration behind #Frida4587 #ChiclePop," he wrote on his Instagram page [3].

Ruben is one of many artists who came together to honor Frida for what would have been her 110th birthday with a Frida-inspired art show called El Color Y El Dolor [4], held at a restaurant in San Francisco, where other pieces were on display but all eyes were on this masterpiece. Keep reading for more photos of his art.

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