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Hair Products For Damaged and Processed Hair

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When your hair feels and looks good, your mood changes for the better. We're teaming up with ULTA Beauty to give you a look at some of your favorite hair brands you can find all in one place.

Living in the Dominican Republic, I was always told my hair was a "blessing," mostly because it seemed straight, and at the time, that was the aesthetic everyone was going for. It was thick, luscious, dark brown, and the definition of a "perfect mane." It looked like the hair from the little dancing girl emoji. That was until I decided blond was a better look for me.

My love-hate relationship with my blond hair lasted five years, a move to New York, and two breakups, and by the end, the bleach had caused severe damage to my once-luscious locks, and my hair color was all types of blond. I neglected my hair. I failed to get appropriate products, condition it accordingly, and protect it from my new best friend, the curling iron.

Hair degenerates after a harsh chemical process like dyeing it, so this combined with my lack of care destroyed my hair. It got to the point where I would use a hot tool to style it, and my hair would stick to it and break. I had to make the executive decision of going back to black, and I cut a lot of it to make it look healthier. I gave it a year to just recover and grow, although I do have to dye my grays every month — thanks, Mom, for the genes.

During this time, I began trying out different products to give my hair the new life it so deserved. It took a lot of testing to land on the products that worked best for my hair, but it was well worth it. It's incredible the difference healthy hair makes! I'm not afraid to let it air-dry or to use hot tools to style it because it looks healthy either way. My hair stopped being another source of worry and turned into an empowering asset. I gained back control and I don't have to worry about a "bad hair day" anymore.

Finding the products that work best for your hair type is key for its overall health. I'm sharing the ones that worked for me as an inspiration to put in the work because nothing feels more amazing than owning your hair, regardless of texture, color, length, or how you wear it. You can find all of these products at ULTA Beauty's Gorgeous Hair Event, taking place from May 12 through June 1. Each day, a different product will go on sale at 50 percent off and I'll tell you when these ones will be discounted so you can keep an eye out! This is also the perfect opportunity to get more of your favorite brands and finally get your hands on the brands you've been dying to try!