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How to Stop Procrastinating

Here's How You Win the Battle Against Procrastination

The following video was originally featured on and written by Nikki Novo, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Latina.

As you might know, writing is my thing. It's my meditation. I love the power and the peace it brings me. But you want to hear something crazy? For so many years, I would procrastinate the sh*t out of getting any sort of writing done.

Not only does procrastinating leave this hanging to-do list in our mind, draining us of energy, but it can also make us lose opportunities. I'll give you an example. My first blog was about dating and how we can see that time as a time for self-discovery rather than a means to an end. I launched that site in 2008. Quickly after I scored a few dating columns, speaking opportunities, media mentions, etc., I was on a roll.

I knew I wanted to write a book on dating to help those of us who get cray-cray about the process. I finally wrote that book, but I didn't do it until 2014. Six years later, kids! Crazy. So, of course, once I wrote the book, my work had evolved past just dating. And I had lost a lot of the dating momentum I was experiencing a few years back. If I hadn't procrastinated, I could have ridden the wave!

So here are three, big mind-set shifts you can take on in order to avoid ugly procrastination.

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