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Natural Hair and the Definition of Beauty

How My Natural Hair Helped Me Redefine What "Beauty" Really Means

Daily Baez from DailyCurlz shares how she broke away from the definition of beauty she was taught to follow.

In the past few days, I have been thinking a lot about what beauty really is, defining the word beauty seems to be more simple and less complicated than before. Some may say that I am getting older and more mature, and even though I am sure there is something about that, I think that it has to do with me being more comfortable in my own skin. Natural hair did that to me, without a doubt.

Beauty for me was a square and standard concept that I was forced to believe; a way to dress and a way to look. For so long, bold bright colors were prohibited to me, and I am not saying that I couldn't wear them or literally prohibited — I don't want you to believe that I was in some kind prison — I mean that when you constantly hear that suppression like: that color is not for black skin, you look like a loca with that color, red shirt? with your black skin?, etc., and you grow up to believe those words and those words become your thoughts and those thoughts become your reality.


Beauty was absolutely not curly, natural hair — God prohibited — a wedding? you have to straighten your hair, a meeting? you have to straighten your hair, a quinceañera? you have to relax your hair, you are woman now, and you can't be with those ugly greñas (kinky, untamed hair) and there we go: you grow up and you believe those words and those words become your thoughts and those thoughts become your reality.

Beauty for me now is a whole different story. Beauty is what you want it to be or how you want to be defined. I didn't feel pretty before, but now I do, and for some reason everyone — almost lol — around me sees it and they have no problem saying it to me and something changed, those words have become my thoughts and those thoughts have become my reality. Now, I dare to be one out of one, I dare to be me and me . . . I dare to wear pink bright lipstick and dress all in white, or flowers, or yellow if I want to, because I define my beauty . . . How do you define your beauty?

Necklace: Burlington

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

I define by own beauty, but I asked the amazing fashion blogger Jessica from JessicaFashionNotes if I can wear white all year round whenever I want. She said- "The fashions are so changeable that they sometimes contradict themselves. Remember that real fashion does not follow rules. So you can use white for the entire year if you want to. It can be a bit risky and even scary, but life is about taking risks, get out of your comfort zone and give your personal touch to any look or trend. If you are using an all white outfit, try to make each piece into the same white tone and pay close attention to the underwear you choose for your outfit. You can go crazy and use them from head to toe or complete it with other neutral colors in clear or gold to give that subtle touch or add an accent of color tones."

Image Source: DailyCurlz
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