10 Awesome Afro-Latinas You Should Be Following on Instagram

Instagram is a saturated place, but if what you're looking for is to see yourself represented on your feed (or learn more about Afro-Latinx culture), the 10 influencers ahead are the ones you'll want to hit follow on ASAP. From more high-profile names like La La Anthony to a name you won't want to forget like Janel Martinez, here are 10 Afro-Latinas who are about to change your world (and your Insta).

Additional reporting by Celia Fernandez

Janel Martinez

Martinez is the creator of Ain't I Latina, an online destination for Afro-Latinas. We don't really think we need to say more than that. She's obviously awesome.

Follow her @janelm.

Mel Burgos

Whether you're looking for travel advice or tips on how to wear your rizos, Mel is the person you want to be following on Instagram.

Follow her @rock_yo_rizos.

Zahira Kelly

The self-professed "Bad Dominicana" loves to post photos of her tweets where she calls out all her haters and tries to educate people on the Latinx community.

Follow her @bad_dominicana.

Alba Ramos

Known mostly by her beauty and wellness blogger alter ego, SunKissAlba, Alba Ramos sticks to her roots in big ways. She makes the beauty and fitness experience make sense for anyone of Afro-Latinx descent.

Follow her @sunkissalba.

Amanda Alcantara

She goes by Radical Latina on Instagram and loves to post selfies and educational messages about what it's like being Afro-Latinx in today's society.

Follow her @radicallatina.

Evelyn Lozada

Lozada writes about all things beauty and fitness while sharing her life as an Afro-Latina through her Instagram.

Follow her @evelynlozada.

Carolina Contreras

One of the top influencers in the rizos department, Carolina (aka Miss Rizos) knows a thing or two about creating great, relatable content that will resonate with curly-haired Afro-Latinas.

Follow her @mizz_rizos.


Tatianna is an intuitive Tarot reader, which means she uses her practice and her tarot cards to peek into your spirituality. She's also big on all things wellness and spirituality.

Follow her @tatiannatarot.

La La Anthony

La La's 5.8 million Instagram followers probably know her mixed culture well, but for those who don't, she's a proud Afro-Puerto Rican. She also happens to be a total girlboss entrepreneur, writer, and influencer.

Follow her @lala.