15 of the Most Delicious (and Creative) Taco Joints in the US

Tacos — a classic yet versatile food group (yes, we call it a food group) that everyone loves. Once you find a stand, restaurant, or cart with tacos that meet your standards, it's not long before Taco Tuesday is a regular tradition and you become a regular at that joint, but can we suggest you venture out and try a few new spots?

There are dozens of quality tacos across the country, from California to Texas to New York, so we've compiled a list for you to try. Whether you're looking for a new taco to delight your palate in your area or willing to plan a road trip around these delicious restaurants, we warn you: do not read ahead if your stomach isn't full.

Juan in a Million in Austin, TX

No visit to Austin is complete without a stop for breakfast tacos. This spot has plenty of classic Tex-Mex options for both breakfast and lunch.

Tacolicious in San Francisco

This popular restaurant might give off a trendy, upscale vibe when you first walk in, but you'll quickly see that this restaurant doesn't sacrifice flavor on classics like carnitas and barbacoa.

Guisados in Los Angeles

The name of this joint gives away the star of the show: guisados, aka Mexico City-style traditional meat braises.

Taco Guild in Phoenix, AZ

The fact that Taco Guild is housed in an old church isn't all that makes it unique. You'll have to make sure to try its coffee-braised beef and Peking duck tacos, just to name a few.

Garbo's Grill in Key West, FL

When it comes to tacos, you can't forget about the Atlantic Coast and seafood tacos. You'll want to make sure to try Garbo's Grill's tropical fish and mahi mahi options.

Big Star in Chicago

This restaurant knows that less is more, which is why the menu only includes five authentic taco options, including tacos al pastor and taco panza.

La Esquina in New York City

Translating to "the corner," La Esquina is all but a hidden secret in New York City's SoHo neighborhood. It features a cafe and hidden brasserie, but the outdoor taqueria offers the best deal on tacos.

Velvet Taco in Houston, TX

Craving less-than-common taco combos, like buffalo chicken or shrimp and grits? There's a taco for that at Velvet Taco.

Los Tacos No. 1 in New York City

Los Tacos No. 1 is known for simple ingredients like grilled meats and vegetables, but what you'll want to try is the abodaba taco, which is roasted pork marinated in red chile and vinegar.

Mi Mero Mole in Portland, OR

This isn't your ordinary taco joint — Mi Mero Mole features unique offerings like veggie-based stews, blood sausage, and rabbit on nixtamal tortillas, which are more textured than standard corn tortillas.

Tacodeli — Austin, TX

Tacodeli is an Austin fan favorite, serving up its popular migas-based breakfast tacos until 3 p.m. on the weekends.

Coyo Taco in Miami

This creative taco shop will give you the best of both worlds: traditional fillings and unique ones, like duck, quinoa, and cactus.

Leña in Denver

This isn't your typical taco joint, as Leña offers up a South American take on tacos in a more upscale setting. We suggest the bison short-rib taco with jicama slaw.

Revolver Taco Lounge in Fort Worth, TX

Rabbit carnitas are the must have at this Dallas-area favorite.